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Prosthetics Memphis

Prosthetics Memphis

At Human Technology, our goal is to help you stay focused and persistent even in the face of failures, so you can achieve the goals you have. Our prosthetics in Memphis provide an opportunity for you to overcome the fear of failure and stare in the face of uncertainty so you can learn and persevere to become the best version of yourself.

What are the different types of prosthetics?

There are four different types of prosthetics, namely, transfemoral, transtibial, transradial, and transhumeral. The transfemoral are the above-knee prosthetics, and we use Ossur and Ottobock microprocessor-controlled knees for this. Our primary focus is on the design and fitting of Sockets, which provide the balance for the bodyweight by transferring the weight from the prosthetic to the ground.

Transtibial prosthetics are for below-knee injuries and only provided after a thorough evaluation of your activities and needs. Transhumeral prosthetics are for above elbow, and transradial are for below-elbow injuries. Our prosthetics are helping thousands of individuals in their day-to-day life with the help of these advanced technologies.

Benefits of prosthetics

A prosthetic device plays a vital role in your rehabilitation process. It might help you with your everyday activities, or you want it to improve mobility, no matter the reason, prosthetics will help improve your lifestyle after losing your limb. The prosthetic will help you preserve energy and improve your stability.

If you have two leg amputations, then you have a choice between a wheelchair or prosthetics. You might choose the comfort of a wheelchair, but prosthetics provide an option for climbing stairs, walking, running, jumping, and so much more. You can study our prosthetics in Memphis and decide whether they are the right choice for you or not.

World-class prosthetic practitioners

Our team’s primary goal has always been to provide the best solutions for people suffering from limb loss and musculoskeletal conditions. We have practitioners trained and experienced in the art of limb prosthetics. They go through specialized training each year so they can qualify for making your prosthetics.

We keep you in the loop for your prosthetics, and that’s why we allow and guide patients towards our talented practitioners. We also offer free consultations and evaluations, so you know your options before spending any money. Our care and services are ideal for you, and we have extensive consultation programs to help you understand why you need a prosthetic and how it makes your life better.

Care & services of prosthetic providers

Our prosthetic experts are here to help you reach your full potential and become a functioning individual in life. With our help, you can achieve the highest level of comfort and self-reliance. We want to serve our community by providing the most advanced and useful technologies in the field of artificial limb providers.

At Human Technology, you can find the best prosthetics in Memphis and personalized care from our staff. We have experienced insurance specialists to help you with the problematic insurance world of artificial limbs. You are our family, and we treat you with the highest level of quality care and technology.

Prosthetics Memphis

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Prosthetics Memphis

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