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New Mexico National Guard

New Mexico Army National Guard offers an opportunity to serve your country and community. The New Mexico national guard is a trustworthy and influential organization that provides a way for you to change your life. We are competent and capable of handling the challenges of the 21st century.

What does the national guard do exactly?

The national guard reports directly to the governor of its respective state. We protect the interests of the U.S. domestic situation if there is a natural disaster or conflict among the citizens. We have civilian jobs, but we also work as national guards part-time and are always ready to serve and protect.

The duties of a national guard include countering the drug efforts, domestic emergencies, overseas missions, if necessary, and enforcing the law. We live a normal and quiet life when we are not on missions. We train for one weekend every month and a two-week training camp every year. When we are in war-zone, we are mostly building schools, training local guards, and helping out farmers in their fields.

Benefits of becoming a national guard

The national guard duty rewards you, your family, and your community. You earn money for your service and time. You learn new skills and techniques to become a better working individual, and you can go out in the workforce and get any job that you want. You can also get bonuses for signing up or renewing your service.

You also get military insurance and health benefits for yourself and your family. Even though it’s for only one weekend per month, you become eligible for joining insurance groups that offer lower premiums. Another bonus is the shopping discount during your active duty period.

Commitment to serve and protect

The New Mexico national guard goes on missions and projects to help communities and people all over the state. We provide safe access to roads, water, and bridges. We provide services for engineering projects that require heavy equipment to move debris, soil, or snow to keep the roads open for citizens.

You can join us in our relentless efforts to clean up and repair places for public use. You also get to choose your military occupation specialty training and career. Join our service, and your peers and community will appreciate your efforts.

Military career opportunities

We provide you with an opportunity to build a military career one weekend at a time. As you gain skills and leadership qualities through our training program, you become eligible for promotion through the enlisted or officer rank. As a national guard, you work in units where you develop skills that are valuable in both civilian and military life.

New Mexico Army National Guard prepares you for military occupation specialties (MOS), which includes aviation, maintenance mechanics, and medical expertise that also advance your civilian career. The skills you learn as a New Mexico national guard are in high demand throughout the New Mexico state. It only takes one weekend per month and a two-week training camp per year to turn your life around in the right direction.

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